Beef Chuck Roast / Steak
Whole Steak [Under blade Roast / Steak, California Roast, Bottom Chick Roast / Steak]

"Chuck Roast / Steak" with no qualifiers, is probably from the Chuck Under Blade Roast #116E cut from right under the shoulder blade at the front of the beast. It has enough fat and connective tissue dispersed in it to be moist and flavorful.

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Cooking:   Many sources recommend braising these steaks, but for those of us who don't mind a steak that fights back a little, these are excellent, juicy and with beef flavor far better than the premium cuts. They can be pan fried, grilled or broiled so long as they are finished fairly rare. If cooked well done they will toughen up and loose flavor.

The roast can be prepared and cooked by any method used for beef roasts, and will cook faster, be moister, more flavorful and more forgiving than most. It can, of course, also be diced up for stew meat which will cook faster and taste a lot better than meat from a round roast.

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