Beef Cubed Steak
Cubed Meat [#1100, #1101 (special)]

This cut can be from any part of the beast except the shanks. It is mechanically tenderized by a special machine that dices the meat small from both sides but does not cut it all the way through. The cut must remain intact when suspended form a point 1/2 inch in from the edge.

For #1100, two pieces may be knitted together or a single thin piece can be folded before tenderizing. For #1101 (Beef Cubed Steak Special), only meat from the round, rib and chuck can be used. Knitting pieces together and folding are forbidden.

The photo specimen was 5 inches long, 4 inches across and 0.4 inch thick. weighing 1/4 pound, 2013 US $3.99 / pound.

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Cooking:   Back in my tender youth, a half century ago and before I knew anything about cooking, I used to buy these frozen at the local market. I fried them gently in butter and ate them with a sprinkle of salt and a very liberal squeeze of lemon juice. Tests with the photo samples have shown this still works very well. Of course, these are still just a bit on the chewy side, but quite edible.

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