Bottom Round Roast
Slab of Beef This is the outer muscle of the upper rear leg. It is very lean, and though it isn't actually as tough as shoe leather, it certainly isn't tender. Best braised or long simmered. It has so little marbeling fat it is somewhat deficient in flavor, especially compared to Chuck. The Bottom Round Steak is cut crosswise from this roast. It Looks good, but its toughness makes it of limited usability.

The photo specimen, a Bottom Round Steak, was 8-1/2 inches long, 3-3/4 inches wide, and 5/8 inches thick, weighing 8-1/4 ounces. It was purchased at a normal supermarket at 2013 US $3.99 / pound.

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Cooking:   This roast is lean stew meat. It needs long, moist cooking, significantly longer than Chuck. The steak should be braised, as it has so little fat it will dry out with grilling or roasting - and be too tough to enjoy anyway.

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