Round Roast Crosscut
Big Slab of Beef [Round Steaks Crosscut]

This is a slab cut from the big end of the round, cut #166A or similar. It includes the Top Round, Bottom Round and Eye of round. It is a very lean but not very tender cut, so it's best for recipes that call for the meat to be cut into thin pieces or that use a long moist cooking method. If it's less than 3/4 inch thick it can be called a "steak".

The photo specimen was 14 inches wide, 10 inches high and 1-3/4 inches thick, weighing 7.3 pounds.

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Cooking:   This is a tough cut for applications where the meat is cut into thin strips, or where long moist cooking is applied, or both.

I would never serve this thing to guests fried, broiled or grilled, but the flavor is good and I don't mind a steak that fights back, so I have broiled it for myself now and then.

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