Veal Shoulder
Slice through Shoulder [Beccerrito (Spanish)]

Veal Shoulder is of a much more manageable size than a Beef Shoulder, so it is often sold as a whole cut, or, more usually, boneless. It is quite tender, but, as with many tender cuts of various beasts, flavor is not its strong point. Flavorful sauces are in order.

The Veal Shoulder Steak is the veal equivalent of the Beef 7 Bone Steak, with the same configuration. The photo specimen, a veal shoulder steak, was 9 inches long, 7 inches wide, 1-3/8 inches thick and weighed 2.11 pounds, 2010 US $2.99/# on sale.

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Cooking:   Most commonly, a whole boneless veal shoulder is formed into a roll and tied to keep its shape. It is commonly seared, then braised with a flavorful sauce. The veal shoulder steak is also usually seared and braised with flavorful sauce elements to make up for it's rather light flavor. The most common veal shoulder recipes are Italian.

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