Pork Cushion Meat
Pork Cushion [Sholder Cushion, Picnic Cushion, U.S. Pork #2250 (sim to MBG405B)]

This is a boneless piece cut from the large muscle of the Picnic Shoulder. As such it's a well excercised very lean cut with good flavor that's best wet cooked. It can vary some in shape depending on how it's cut. The photo specimen was 6 inches long, 1-3/4 inches thick and weighed 1-5/8 pounds with a yield nearly 100%.

This cut includes a lot of connective tissue so if you just slice it and pan fry it you will find it flavorful but rather chewey. It's best used for slow roasted or wet cooked methods and would make a flavorful soup.

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This cut is often used to make "pulled pork" by roasting at about 257°F for 8 hours or more until it can be pulled apart into shreads.

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