Pork Spleen / Melts

These are usually labeled "Pork Melts" in the markets to avoid the rather anatomical designation "Spleen". Long and thin, they are often used rolled up. The photo specimen was 23 inches long, 2-1/2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch thick, weighing 7-1/8 ounces.

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Buying:   These can generally be found in ethnic markets (except those serving primarily Jewish or Muslim communities, of course). They are particularly common in markets serving Chinese, Southeast Asian or Southeast European communities. They are also popular in France, but we have no identifiable French communities around here.

Prep:   The reverse side will have a strip of fat running right down the center almost from end to end. It is easy to remove, but is left in place for some recipes. If the fat is removed, yield is still about 84%.

Cooking:   Most commonly these are rolled into a coil, sometimes with bacon strips and/or herbs in the coil, and cooked by simmering. I haven't yet found how they're used in Asia.

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