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God has reserved pigs for the Pagans (Pagans senso lato includes Christians). Jews and Muslims must get along with just sheep, goats and cattle, passing over the vast array of delicious pork products for the few that can be made from these animals.   Photo by Linda Kenney distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v2.0 Generic.

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Lamb Sausage - Moroccan Sausage

The photo specimens, obtained fresh from a Whole Foods Market, were 7 inches long, 1 inch in diameter and weighed 3 ounces. Lamb, spices (black pepper, cumin, coriander), sea salt, citric acid, natural lemon flavor, canola oil, and natural lamb casings. This formulation is fine for the flavor of North African recipes, but doesn't assure kosher / halal if the animals have not been slaughtered and prepared in accordance with religious rituals.

This is a rather spicy sausage, though the "hot" aspect comes from black pepper rather than chilis. The cumin and coriander are fairly assertive as well. In cooking it exudes quite a bit of both oil and water, so for browning you want to use a fairly high heat (and there will be a lot of splattering). Grilling over hot coals will get better browning than frying, but frying works fine too. The overall effect is significantly drier than a pork sausage but moist enough to be enjoyable, and of course the flavor is different.

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