Whole fermented beans [Cheonggukjang (Korea)]

Most known from Japan, this product is made by fermenting steamed soybeans with a starter culture of Bacillus subtilis natto. It has a fairly strong odor and taste, though the perception of individuals vary. In Japan it is often eaten for breakfast with rice. It is usually sold packaged as a stack of small single serving trays, and may be frozen. Natto is considered a very healthy product both in Japan and by health advocates in North America. Similar fermented products, made with the same bacteria culture, are made in China, Korea, Thailand, the Himalayan region, parts of India, and parts of West Africa.

Natto is particularly noted for its stringiness, as shown in the photo - but it wasn't easy to photograph because the strings last only for a few seconds

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Buying:   This product can be found in the refrigerated or frozen food sections of markets serving an Asian community, particularly Japanese - but Japanese markets are getting scarce as the Japanese more and more blend into the mainstream culture.

Storage:   This is a perishable product. It can be kept refrigerated for a week or so, frozen for longer periods.

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