Taiwan Bok Choy
Leafy stems [Taiwan Pak Choy; Brassica rapa Group Chinensis]

A very tender bok choy with light green to slightly yellowish leaves. The stems, which are whiter than those of Shanghai bok choy, are almost as tender as the leaves - it's almost like lettuce. I understand it was recently developed in Taiwan and has just started appearing in markets here. The photo specimens were bought from an Asian market in Los Angeles in a 1 pound 5 ounce bag.

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Buying:   This green is still not common, even in the Asian markets in Los Angeles, but it does appear now and then..

Storage:   Store in the refrigerator loosely bagged in plastic and use as soon as possible - The leaves start to spot immediately and appearance will degrade rapidly.

Prep:  It is not necessary to separate the stems from the leaves as they are both rather tender.

Cooking:   These greens are used in soups and stir fries. Cooking time should be minimum, just enough to wilt the leaves and stems..

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