White Cabbage
White Cabbage [Pak Kalampee (Laos); Group capitata var f. alba]

This is the standard Euro/American cabbage, and the one European sauerkraut is made from (Asian sauerkraut is made from Napa type cabbages - actually turnip greens). Many cultivars are grown but they all look exactly the same in the store. All the big loose outer leaves are removed at the farm and the last semi-loose ones are removed at the store, leaving just a pale green ball of immature leaves. The photo specimen was a typical market size at 6 inches diameter and 2 pounds, but heads grown for sauerkraut can weigh up to 60 pounds.

Heading cabbages are not found in nature. Development of these cabages by selective breeding began during the Roman Empire.

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White Cabbage Buying:   You'd be hard pressed to find a supermarket or produce market in North America that didn't have white cabbage. Look for firm heads heavy for their size. Light weight and yellowed outer leaves are signs it's been hanging around for a while.

Storing:   Wrap loosely in plastic and it'll keep in the refrigerator for more than a month, though some of the outer leaves will wilt.

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