Dairy Products Dairy Products
In North America "Dairy Products" are defined as milk, milk products, eggs and egg products. Basically dairy is the category of animal products where the animal is not physically harmed in supplying food for human consumption, though they may be inconvenienced. In the case of milk and milk products this avoidance of harm is more obvious than real, as you will see from our page Veal - Controversy.



General & History

While our ancestors certainly raided the nests of birds and reptiles for eggs from very distant pre-human times, obtaining milk from animals is a very recent development - so recent people from many regions are genetically unable to digest milk as adults (lactose intolerance (D1)).

Use of milk and milk products from animals has been a specialty of the herding peoples of Europe and Central Asia, thus few people of ancestry from this region are intolerant. On the other hand, up to 80% of American blacks, 80% to 100% of American Indians and 90% to 100% of East Asian Americans show symptoms of lactose intolerance as adults. In Southern India intolerance is nearly 70%, but in Northern India it is only about 25% due to genetic mixing with European and Central Asian peoples.

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