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The Elephant Apple family (Dilleniaceae) is taxinomically unplaced as even APG III couldn't connect it to any other plants. It has few genera and only one species is significant for food.   Photo of Star Guinea Flower (Hibbertia stellaris) by Nadiatalent distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, attribution required.

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Elephant Apple   -   [Owtenga, Chulta, Chalta, Ouu (India); Dillenia indica]
Fruit on Tree

This plant, native to Southeast Asia from northeast India through Thailand and Malaysia to Indonesia, ranges from shrub to medium size tree, almost 50 feet tall. The nearly spherical fruit, which ranges from 2 to 5 inches diameter, is sour-bitter and fibrous. It is used in India, with grated coconut, to make a chutney, and also in curries, jams and jellies. In Assam state it is used in dal and fish recipes. In India, This fruit is not grown commercially, and selling it is illegal, as is gathering it in certain core forests. This is to preserve it as food for elephants, monkeys and deer, as it is critical to their survival. Several other trees in this genus produce fruit reputed to be of medicinal value, but I have no information about their edibility or what medicinal value thay may have.   Photo by Hirtes contributed to the Public Domain.

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