Jars Grain, Seed & Flour Storage

The storability of grains, seeds, nuts and flours varies tremendously. This page presents a chart showing approximately how long these various items can be safely stored under different conditions. Of necessity the given times are approximate because they are dependent on exact conditions of storage and how long they have already been stored by time you acquire them. You should develop the ability to detect rancidity by smell as a saftey backup.



General Notes

  1. Vitamin Loss:   Some of the grains and seeds are listed with very long storage times, but vitamin loss is very significant by 3 years and vitamins are essentially gone by 5 years.
  2. Beans:   Technically beans will keep for many years without spoiling - BUT - in practice a year is about maximum. Beans that have been stored too long simply will not soften in cooking. They are edible, but not pleasantly so.
  3. Storage Conditions
    • Sealed:   This means stored very dry in a tightly sealed fairly full container kept away from light and in as cool and dry a place as you can manage. Any compromise on these conditions will significantly reduce storage life.
    • Fridge:   Packed very dry in an airtight bag or other sealed container and maintained between 32° and 40°F.
    • Freezer:   Packed very dry in an airtight bag and kept frozen at less than 10°F.
  4. Rancidity:   Not only does rancidity degrade flavors and produce unpleasant odors, products of rancidity are suspected carcenogens, so consumption of rancid products should be avoided.

The Table

Storage times here are approximate and may vary depending on storage conditions and on how old the seeds or flour was at time of purchase.

Grain/SeedFormSealedFridgeFreezer Notes
Amaranth Whole Grain1 yr

Keep very cool

6 mo. Best to grind as needed
Barley Pearled1 yr.

4 mo.

Beans Whole Dried, Dal5 yr.don'tdon't Note-1   Note-2
Besan Flour4 mo.

Chickpea Flour
Soy Flour6 mo.

Buckwheat Whole1 yr.

4 mo.8 mo.
Corn Whole Grain10 yrs.

Meal1 yr

Masa Harina6 mo.

Emmer / Farro Whole1 yr+

Flaxseed Whole10 mo

Flour3 mo.
6 mo.
Job's Tears / Coix Pearled4 mo.8 mo.12 mo.
3 mo.6 mo.
Millet Whole2 mo.4 mo.

2 mo.6 mo. Best to grind as needed.
Oats Whole1 yr+

Flour3 mo.6 mo.

Nuts Candlenuts0 mo.

Probably already rancid
Chestnuts10 day3 mo6 mo
Walnuts3 mo.6 mo.1 yr.
Quinoa Whole1 yr.


6 mo. Best to grind as needed.
Rice Whole Brown6 mo

Flour, Brown
5 mo.1 yr.
Whole White10 yr+

Flour, White10 yr+.

Rye Whole6 mo.

Flour, Whole
4 mo.8 mo.
Flour, degermed
6 mo.

Sorghum Whole6 mo.


4 mo.
Spelt Whole1 yr+

Flour3 mo.
8 mo.
Teff Whole1 yr+


4 mo.
Triticale Whole1 yr.

Wheat Whole Grain30 yr +

Cracked Wheat6 mo.
1 yr+.
Bulghur4 mo.
1 yr+.
Flr. All Purpose8 mo.1 yr

Flr. Bread4 mo.
1 yr
Flr. Whole Wheat3 mo.
8 mo.
Wild Rice Whole3 yr+



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