Thai Pickled Garlic
Three Pickled Garlic Heads [Kratiem Dong (Thai)  |   Ka Thiem Dog (Thai - the pickling juice)]

Pickled Garlic is a much used ingredient in Thailand. Thai garlic is in smaller heads than what we see in North America, with a larger number of much smaller cloves. Typical heads are about 1-1/2 inch diameter, and they are often pickled as whole heads. These cloves (and often the pickle juice) are used in recipes and as a condiment. Typically, Garlic, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Sodium Benzoate (0.05%).

Buying:   these can be found in most markets that serve a Southeast Asian community. The photo specimens were purchased from a large Asian market in Los Angeles (San Gabriel), a 16 ounce jar for 2016 US $2.69.

Storing:   Unopened jars will last at least a year. Once opened, they will last a week or so at room temperature, but should be refrigerated for longer storage.

Usage:   The cloves, freed from the tougher surrounding skins, can be eaten skin-on, but many recipes say to skin them. This is most easily done by making a thin cut across the root end of the head before separating the cloves. The pickling juice is also called for by many recipes.

Three Pickled Garlic Heads Pickled Garlic can also be easily made at home, though a bit differently, since our garlic heads and cloves are much larger here in North America - see our recipe Pickled Garlic.

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