Goldspotted Grenadier Anchovy
Whole Goldspotted Grenadier Anchovy [Mandeli, Monangu (India); Mangban (Indonesia); Coilia dussumieri]

Native to the Indo-West Pacific, this is the only species of the Grenadier Anchovies (genus Coilia) that is fished commercially in the region. It ranges along the coast from Bombay, India around to Southeast Asia, and is most prolific in Indonesian waters. It is larger than normal anchovies, up to almost 8 inches long. Primarily a marine fish, it can tolerate low salinity in estuaries. These fish are called "grenadier" in common with many other fish with a similar tapered body style. It is IUCN Red Listed NE (Not Evaluated), but is not considered threatened.   Photo by BEDO (Thailand) distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v4.0 International.

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