Whole Butterfish [family Stromateidae]

A family of very deep bodied fish, many of which are called something else and other fish which are not butterfish are called butterfish. see Pompano, Sablefish, Pomfret and others. One is even a Piranha. The ones listed here are real butterfish even though they may be called something else.

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Star Butter   -   [Pacific Harvestfish, Peprilus medius   |   American Harvistfish Peprilus paru]
Whole Star Butter 02e

These are tropical / subtropical fish. P. medius ranges from the tip of Baja California to northern Chili. P. paru ranges from New York to the northern tip of Argentina. Unlike many small fish with full length fins, they are not difficult to eat and are quite good. P. paru can grow to a little over 11-1/2 inches, P. medius to a little over 9-1/2 inches, but the photo specimen was 8-1/4 inches and weighed 4-1/8 ounces, wild caught in Ecuador.   Details and Cooking.

White Pomfret   -   [Silver Pomfret; Pompano (Philippine); Butterfish; Pampus argenteus | similar: Chinese Silver Pomfret Pampus chinensis]
Whole White Pomfret 04e

This tropical Indo-West Pacific fish is found near coasts from the Persian Gulf to Borneo, and as far north as mid Japan, but not as far south as Australia. It is not actually a pomfret but a butterfish. It can grow to 23 inches but the photo specimen, wild caught in India, was 10 inches and weighed 9-1/2 ounces, a typical market size here in Los Angeles. This is a major commercial catch within its range. IUCN rated "Not Evaluated", White Pomfret is not considered threatened. It is, in fact, expected to have extended its range by 2050.   Details and Cooking.

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