Flathead Catfish
Illustration of Flathead Catfish [Mississippi Catfish, Yellow Catfish, Opelousa Catfish, Mud Catfish, Shovelhead Catfish, Pylodictis olivaris]

This catfish is native to the Mississippi River drainage basin from the lower Great Lakes to the mouth of the Mississippi. Because it's such a popular game fish it has been introduced to other rivers, generally with severe negative impact on native fish populations. Most catfish are scavengers, but this one is a predator. In adulthood it eats nothing but other fish. This fish can grow to about 4 feet long and over 120 pounds.   Illustration by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service = public domain.

More on Catfish

This catfish is very edible but considered not quite as good as the Channel Catfish or the Blue Catfish - but it gets nearly as large as the Blue.

Buying:   This fish is not farmed commercially - it's diet of live fish would make that too costly, so it is not available outside the region where it can be caught wild. For the most part it is a sport fish.

Prep & Cooking:   Except for its carnivorous diet and brown or yellow color this catfish is pretty much like others. See the page for Channel Catfish for details.

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