Herring Pickled, Kippered, Canned, Dried etc.
Herring [Family Clupea, various genera and species]

Herring is a small oily fish that preserves well in various ways, and all these ways are exploited. The photo shows a whole Atlantic Herring, salt pickled in brine. When Central and Northern European recipes call for whole herring, this is what they mean. They will usually ask you to soak it overnight before use to reduce the salt. See also Canned Sardines, smaller members of the Herring Family.

More on the Herring Family.

Herring This photo is of a pair of pickled herring fillets from Lithuania, a significant producer of this sort of seafood treats since the fall of the Soviet Union. These were about 6-1/2 inches long and weighed about 2-1/4 ounces each. Pickling is a very popular method of preparing herring, because the acid in the pickle softens the thread-like spines that are shot all through the flesh to the point they are undetectable.

Many recipes can be found for making your own pickled herring, nearly all starting with the brine pickled Atlantic herring as pictured at the top of the page, then adding flavors and vinegar.

Kippers Technically, kippered herring are herring that have been split open, salted and smoked. They are made during the spawning season when the fish don't taste very good without this treatment. Most Americans have never seen a real kippered herring but are familiar with the version that comes in a can, generally called "kipper snacks". Kippers are a breakfast staple in the British Isles and Scandianavia.

Small Dried Fish These salted and dried Tunsoy herring are much in evidence in Philippine markets here in Los Angeles, along with a number of other small fish similarly treated. For details see our Daing / Tuyo page.

Canned Sardines Sardines are Herrings too, just smaller ones. They are sold dried, which is covered on our Daing / Tuyo page. They are very popular canned, for which you can see our Canned Sardines page.

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