Atlantic King Mackerel
Whole Atlantic King Mackerel [Kingfish; Scomberomorus cavalla]

Largest of the fish called mackerel, this Spanish Mackerel can weigh nearly 100 pounds, measure up to 6 feet long and live for over 20 years. It is found along the Atlantic coast of the Americas from the U.S. / Canada boarder almost to Argentina. Sports fishing brings in well over twice the catch of commercial fishing. The photo specimen weighed about 13 pounds.   Photo by Stephen Ewen distributed under license license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v3.0 Unported..

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Prep & Cooking:   This being an Atlantic fish, and mostly caught in sport fishing, I have no direct experience with it. On the other hand, the larger members of the Spanish Mackerel tribe are quite close in characteristics, so our Pacific Sierra page should be quite relevant to this fish - it even has a wavy lateral line like the Kingfish.

If you are from India, both the Atlantic King Mackerel and the Pacific Sierra should make fine substitutes for Seerfish, also a Spanish Mackerel.

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