Pomfret Drawing of Fish   -   [Family Bramidae]

Yes, there actually are real pomfret, but the fish called "Pomfret" in the market aren't. They're Butterfish and Pompano. Black Pomfret Taractes rubescens, Atlantic Pomfret Brama brama and Pacific Pomfret Brama japonica are real pomfrets but I have yet to find any in the markets.   Drawing of Brama brama by U.S. Federal Government = public domain.

Pomfret, Black (Gray) - see under Pompanos Black Pomfret. There is actually a Black Pomfret that's a real Pomfret (Taractes rubescens), but the pompano is what you'll find called "black pomfret" in the markets.

Silver Pomfret - see under Butterfish.

White Pomfret - see under Butterfish.

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