Red Porgy
Whole Red Porgy [Common Seabream; White Snapper (U.S. Gulf Coast); Pagrus pagrus]

This Atlantic fish is found in diverse locations. In the East Atlantic it ranges from the Canary Islands, along the coast of Morocco, and as far north as the British Isles. It is also found in most of the Mediterranean. In the West Atlantic it is found from New York state south along the continental coast of the Caribbean and in the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is found along the northern and eastern coasts of South America as far south as central Argentina. Color varies widely. It can grow to almost 36 inches and 17 pounds, or even more, but is commonly a little less than 14 inches. This fish is IUCN Red Listed as LC (Least Concern) and is both caught wild and farmed.   Photo from U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration = Public Domain.

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I have not yet found this fish in the fish markets here in Southern California, but culinary details should be fairly similar to the Yellowfin Seabream

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