Giant River Prawns
Two Giant River Prawns [Giant Freshwater Prawn, Malaysian Prawn, Freshwater Scampi; Golda Chingdi, Cherabin (West Bengal); Macrobrachium rosenbergii]

These shrimp spend their larval period in brackish water and then move to fresh water for the rest of their lives. They are native to the rivers of the Indo Pacific region, particularly from West Bengal through Indonesia and northern Australia. These can be found in Asian markets here in Los Angeles, but not always. They are noted for their blue color, especially on their very long clawed forelimbs. Shrimp farmers break off the swinging side of the claws to keep them from tearing each other apart. These shrimp can grow to a length of 12 inches (not counting the long arms) and are both fished wild and farmed.

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