Wrass Family
California Sheephead [family Labridae]

Razorfish - [Iniistius baldwini alt Xyrichtys baldwini]
Three Razorfish

This is a Pacific fish, ranging from the Pacific side of Sumatra through Hawaii to the Gulf of California and along the tropical west coasts of North, Central and South America. It is found most intensely around Borneo and the north central coast of Australia, but ranges as far north as the southern tip of Japan.

This is a small fish. The largest in the batch was about 7-1/2 inches long and weighed 2-7/8 ounces, about as big as they get. This fish is amazingly thin, the 7-1/2 inch fish being only 0.7 inches thick. Colors and patterns varied but most had the black and white spot displayed by the center specimen.   Prep & Cooking Details

California Sheephead - [Semicossyphus pulcher ]
California Sheephead

Found only from Monterey, California south to mid Baja California, this fish can grow to almost 36 inches and 35 pounds but the photo specimen was 16-1/2 inches and 2-1/2 pounds. The black coloration of the head and darkening tail indicates this fish was completing the transition from female to male (females are mostly red) which happens when a female reaches a length of 12 inches. This long lived slow reproducing fish is IUCN red listed as VU (Vulnerable) due to declining population.   Prep & Cooking Details

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