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OK, I confess, I'm not actually dead (2017), and don't expect to be dead for some time (even though the paranoids are all plotting against me). I'm starting my own memorial page now because I'm very confident nobody else would ever get around to it. I can't get them to write up pages for people who were actually important in their lives.

I was born Andrew Joseph Gryguc at St Vincent's Hospital, New York, New York, to Herman Gryguc and Isobel Burzycki, at 9:32 on 30 April 1943. Family announcements and records say AM, and a hospital birth certificate says AM, but my legal Birth Certificate says PM. I prefer that one because it puts my birth well into Walpurgisnacht by the old reconing (after sundown on 30 April).

The family name was later informally changed to Grygus, because people sending mail were certain Gryguc had to be wrong and made entertaining guesses as to what it must actually be.

I have quite a number of past lives. The good thing is, I haven't had to die between them, even once. I will add material on them and people I've encountered in that travel as time permits. Contributions of more information on Andrew Grygus that can be included here are welcome.

Andrew Grygus

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