Andrew Grygus, infant with parents. Andrew Grygus   Infancy

This photo is of myself with my mother, Isobel Burzycki, and father Herman Gryguc. It was taken in Alpha, New Jersey, is dated August 27 1943, so I am 4 months old. We moved from New York to an appartment building in Alpha about that time, as my Certificate of Baptism is dated August 26th 1943 in New York. The move was because my uncle Zigmund moved his company, New York Transformer, to Alpha. I think this is the only photo I have of myself with both my mother and father. Father was away at work so much of the time.

In Memorium

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Hospital Birth Certificate. Here is the hospital birth certificate testifying that I was actually born rather than hatched. The legal State of New York Birth Certificate has PM instead of AM on the time.

In Washington Park This photo, taken July 4th in Washington Park, New York City, is one I heard about a number of times during my childhood and later. My parents wated to take the picture with a nice background, and my mother stepped back onto the grass. She was immediately chased off the grass by a policeman. This is a cropped version, click on it to see the whole photo. You can see in the full one how harsh my life was from the first - my baby carriage doesn't have plump soft rubber tires like they all do today!

Certificate of Baptism. I was baptized in the National Shrine of Saint Ann in New York City. Unfortunately, all that remains is this historic church is the bell tower and some of the facade, as it was sold by the Archdiocese of New York and demolished to build a college dormatory.

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