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October 20, 2012     The event this month was devoted to works by Nicolai A. Rimsky-Korsakov. Retired from the Tzar's navy, Rimsky-Korsakov was a largely self taught composer and orchestrator. He began his academic studies after being appointed professor of composition and orchestration at the St. Petersburg Conservatory (so he could teach from the books).

KUSC's Jim Svejda calls Rimsky-Korsakov "the world's greatest second-rate composer". Archive Music has 938 available CD listings for him, yet it's not easy finding works among them not instantly familiar. Most composers can be that "second-rate" only in their dreams. Rimsky-Korsakov was composition teacher to Igor Stravinsky, Ottorino Respighi and many other noted composers of the following generation.

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Disk 1   Antar - Symphony #2
Snow Maiden - Snegourotchka - Suite
Mlada - Suite
    32 min
13 min
18 min
Disk 2Neopolitan Song
Invisible City of Kitezh - Suite
Le Coq d'Or - Suite
Russian Easter Overture
3 min
22 min
26 min
15 min
Disk 3Quintet for Piano and Winds 30 min
Disk 4Kashchey the Immortal - Opera 64 min
Disk 5Legend
Tzar's Bride - Overture
Sinfonetta on Russian Themes
Capricio Espagnole
Maid of Pskov - Overture
17 min
6 min
25 min
16 min
7 min
Disk 6May Night - Overture
Tzar Sultan - Suite
Sow Maiden - Snegourotchka - Suite
8 min
11 min
21 min
12 min
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