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May 25, 2013

May's program features some pretty spectacular music by 20th Centry Spanish composers, including complete versions of two pieces generally known only by short excerpts, and some unfamiliar pieces by very familiar Spanish composers.

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Disk 1   Spanish Zarzuela   -   Victoria de Los Angeles     47 min
Disk 2Musica para un Jardin
Tres viejos aires de danza
    Joaquin Rodrigo
13 min
10 min
Disk 3La Vida Breve - Complete
    Manuel de Falla   -   Victoria de Los Angeles
64 min
Disk 4Concierto Pastoral   -   Joaquin Rodrigo 24 min
Disk 5El Amor Brujo - Complete   **
    Manuel de Falla   -   Ginesa Ortega
36 min
Disk 6Concierto Madrigal   -   Joaquin Rodrigo 31 min
Disk 7Danza de la Gitana   -   Ernesto Halffter Escriche
Short Pieces ***   -   Pablo Sarasate
Malagueña   -   Isaac Albéniz
Zegeunerweisen   -   Pablo Sarasate
3 min
23 min
4.2 min
7.7 min
Disk 8El Sombrero de Tres Picos
Soneto a Cordoba & Psyche
    Manuel de Falla   -   Victoria de Los Angeles
39 min
7 min

**   This title does NOT mean "Love the Magician". That's from a bad translation which everyone since has stupidly followed. It translates to "The Sourcer's Love" or "The Sourcer's Girlfriend" - a title that actually matches the action.

***   Habanera (4.2 min), Playera (4.4 min), Spanish Dance (5.1 min), Malagueña (4.6 min), Caprice Basque (6.1 min), Romanza Andaluza (4.8 min), Zapateado (3.3 min)

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