Bowl of Escarole Tuna Sausage Salad
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Escarole, Tuna & Sausage Salad
Spain - Catalonia
  -   Ensalada de Escarola con Aton y Butafarra
5 salad  
30 min  
An unusual, delicious and very much non-vegetarian salad from Catalonia. It includes cured ham, sausages, anchovies, tuna and eggs, along with escarole greens. This salad is fairly durable on the buffet table and can be made ahead up to dressing the greens.



-- Salad
Cured Ham (1)
Tuna, chunk (2)
Butifarrita (3)
Anchovy fillet (4)  
-- Dressing
Olive Oil ExtV
Wine Vinegar, red
Salt (5)
-- Garnish
Eggs, hard boiled
Pre-Prep   -   (1 hr - 10 min work)
  1. Boil and peel EGGS (Best Method).
Salad   -   (20 min)
  1. Cut or tear ESCAROLE greens into bite size pieces, discarding white stems.
  2. Chop SCALLIONS small
  3. Slice HAM less than 1/8 inch thick. Cut into thin juliennes.
  4. Flake TUNA.
  5. Slice BUTAFARRITA in half lengthwise, then into 1/8 inch slices crosswise. If you have the larger Butifarra cut it into strips 1/8 inch thick by 1/2 inch wide and 1 inch long.
  6. Drain Oil from ANCHOVIES. Give them a short soak in Water to remove some of the salt. Drain well and chop small.
  7. Mix together all Salad Items and chill.
Dressing   -   (2 min)
  1. Mix together all Dressing Items in a small jar so they can be shaken vigorously.
Garnish & Serve   -   (5 min)
  1. Dice or Slice Eggs depending on your serving style (see Note-6).
  2. When ready to serve, shake up Dressing vigorously and pour over the Salad. Toss lightly and serve garnished with Eggs.
  1. Ham:   Spanish Ham has been legal in the US for some time, but still sells at contraband prices. Italian Proscuitto makes a much more affordable substitute, but is a little tough. Ask the deli to cut it relatively thick, but less than 1/8 inch. Otherwise, just use a regular good quality smoked ham.
  2. Tuna:   I prefer water packed, as there is plenty of oil in this recipe.
  3. Butifarrita / Butifarra:   These are fully cooked white Catalán sausages (regular links and sandwich size). Both are available from La Española Meats (US Made). Subst: a mild Summer Sausage, Polish Sausage, or French Saucisson cuit (cooked garlic sausage). For details see our Sausages and the Like page.
  4. Anchovies:   Avoid Moroccan anchovies, the quality is often very bad. Italian are widely available in jars (and in cans at Trader Joe's) and South American are quite good. For details see our European Anchovy page.
  5. Salt:   If, for some reason you don't use the Anchovies, use about 1/3 t salt. If you didn't rinse your Anchovies with water, use no salt in the dressing.
  6. Serving:   For a salad served in individual bowls, you may want to slice the eggs and arrange them artfully on the top, but for buffet service I dice the eggs about 5/8 inch and toss them with the salad.
  7. U.S. measure: t=teaspoon, T=Tablespoon, c=cup, qt=quart, oz=ounce, #=pound, cl=clove in=inch, ar=as required tt=to taste
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