Bowl of Patatas a lo Pobre
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Patatas a lo Pobre
Spain - Andalusia
  -   Patatas a lo Pobre
4 side  
1 hr  

This recipe is called "Poor Man's Potatoes" because it contains no meat. Versions with Chorizo or Morcilla have different names. While the ingredients are always pretty much the same, cooking methods vary (see Comments).

Potatoes (1)
Bell Pepper, green (2)
Bell Pepper, red (2)
Vinegar, white wine
Olive Oil ExtV
-- Garnish
Parsley, chopped
Pepper, black
Prep   -   (30 min)
  1. Peel POTATOES and slice crosswise a little less than 1/4 inch thick. Place in a bowl covered with water and let soak 20 minutes, then rinse to remove free starch. Drain very well.
  2. Cut ONIONS in half lengthwise, then thin crosswise.
  3. Core BELL PEPPERS and cut into narrow strips about 1-1/2 inches long.
  4. Crush GARLIC, preferably through a garlic press, and chop fine, mix with Vinegar.
  5. Chop PARSLEY for garnish.
Run   -   (30 min)
  1. Place 2 T Olive Oil in a spacious sauté pan. Warm it up just a little. Pour in the Potatoes and tumble them until lightly coated. Remove and set aside, leaving as much oil as possible.
  2. Heat Olive Oil and stir in ONIONS. Fry, turning now and then, until softening, but don't over do it.
  3. Stir in Bell Peppers and cook tumbling another 2 minutes.
  4. Layer Potatoes on top. and sprinkle with Salt. Cover tightly and let vegetables steam in their own juices over moderate heat for about 15 minutes (see Note-3).
  5. Drizzle Garlic mix over the top.
  6. Serve hot garnished with Parsley and/or fresh coarse ground pepper.
  1. Potatoes:   Waxy potatoes like White Rose are called for in this recipe. Avoid Klondike Gold type potatoes - they quickly turn to mush if cooked a little long. Select smaller potatoes so you can leave the slices whole. For details see our Potato Page.
  2. Bell Peppers:   If you want Peppers in wider pieces, or especially if you intend to reheat the dish, blast them black with your propane torch and rub the skins off under running water.
  3. Cooking:   Do Not Overcook. The potatoes should be mostly tender, but still firm, almost crunchy where they overlap. You can test the potatoes with a skewer. This dish can be finished, or made complete, in an electric skillet, keeping heat quite low, then turning to "Keep Warm" when the potatoes are nearly right.
  4. Comments:   Our recipe is fairly low in oil, but not the lowest - for that use 1 T oil and skip Step-6. Some recipes cut the potatoes into chunks, but most slice. Some recipes brown the potatoes, but most don't. Some recipes use a whole lot of oil and pour most of it out when cooking is finished.
  5. U.S. measure: t=teaspoon, T=Tablespoon, c=cup, qt=quart, oz=ounce, #=pound, cl=clove in=inch, ar=as required tt=to taste
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