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Toasted Sesame Seeds
Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia
  -   [Bokkeun-kkae (Korea)]
1/2 c  
10 min  

Toasted Sesame Seeds are an essential pantry ingredient for the cuisines of Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. They are so important in Korean cuisine that "sesame seeds" in a recipe can be presumed to mean "toasted sesame seeds" Toasted sesame seeds are available commercially from any Korean market, but they are fresher and better made at home, which is very easy. One thing - be certain the sesame seeds are not rancid. They are best bought from a Korean or other high volume Asian market.

1/2 c Sesame Seeds, white
  1. Place Sesame Seeds in a dry skillet (no oil). Over medium heat, toast the seeds, stirring and shaking the pan very often so the seeds toast evenly. They must never get hot enough to smoke. You may hear some popping. When they have reached a light golden blonde color and taste good, take them off the heat and immediately pour them out onto a plate to cool.   Caution: watch the seeds very closely. They should be no darker than in the photo - if they go beyond golden blonde to dirty blonde, they will have started to take on a burned taste. The best way to test is by taste. I just moisten a finger, touch it to the top of the seeds and taste the ones that stick.
  2. In a tightly sealed jar away from sunlight and heat, this seasoning will last for months.

Sesame Salt 150907a

Sesame Salt / Crushed Sesame
  -   Kkae-sogum   |   Japan   -   Gomashio

3 T  
4 min  

This widely used seasoning is extremely easy to make, especially if you have already made a supply of toasted sesame seeds - and if you are cooking any Korean or Japanese recipes, you certainly should have plenty of toasted sesame on hand. The amount of salt can vary from 15 to 1 up to 5 to 1. I like it near the low end, so this recipe is 13.6 to 1. The most common ratio in Japan seems to be 10 to 1. In Japan this is often made with toasted black sesame seeds instead of white.

Toasted Sesame (1)
  1. Place All item in a mortar and pound until the sesame seeds are well crushed, but not reduced to a paste.
  2. In a tightly sealed jar away from sunlight and heat, this seasoning will last for months.
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