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Modern Spirituality

In our time, the major religions controlling much of our world for over 2000 years seem increasingly worn out and dangerous. Some cultures increasingly recognize these religions as tools of opression. Many are looking for relief from less destructive spiritual practices of other cultures and other times. Of particularly interest are the practices of our own cultures from pre-Christian times. This page is devoted to exploring such possibilities.

With one article as a start, we hope to have other articles on non-destructive, ecologically aware spiritualities that have evolved significantly in the 20th and 21st centuries, and are appropriate for out times.

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Romuvan Fire Altar A Pagan Reality - In Our Time:

This page presents religions and philosophies derived from those of the pre-Christian past of Europe. Some are careful reconstructions of past practices of particular people, that can become part of their national identity. Others are derived from rather loose and imaginative interpretations of the folk ways of the past.

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