Sher Li Hon

Sher Li Hon Stems and Leaves [Hmong Gai Choy; Sher-lihon, Pak Gat kaan, Kluay (Thai) Brassica juncea var. multiceps Tsen et Lee)]

These mustard greens are very mild and sweet, and the stems are extremely tender - there is no need to give them a head start over the leaves when cooking unless they are very large. Even at 1 inch they are edible and without noticeable fibers. The leaves are thin and tender. The photo specimens were up to 24 inches long with the largest stem about 1 inch diameter. There are other cultivars under this same name that have leaves of different shape.

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These greens are tasty, sweet and suitable anywhere you'd like a more tender green with a less assertive flavor than regular or even Asian mustard greens (Gai Choy).

Buying & Storing:   These greens are just starting to appear in the Los Angeles area (2010), so they are probably little known outside the Southern California region, but seeds are available.

Prep & Cooking:   As with other choys, wash thoroughly, particularly at the base of the stems. You need not separate the leaves from the stems except for stems larger than 1/2 inch. Even stems up to and inch across need little lead time over the leaves.

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