Black Bass
Black Bass [Smallmouth Bass; Micropterus dolomieu   |   Largemouth Bass; Micropterus salmoides]

These famous fresh water bass, native to North America, are not actually bass at all but a variety of Sunfish. This fish can grow to 38 inches and 22 pounds, but is more commonly around 16 inches. The photo specimen was a 13 inch Largemouth Bass weighing 1-1/2 pounds. Largemouth Bass is now heavily farmed and is not considered threatened, but it can become a pest in non-native waters.

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This fish has very delicate white flesh of a mild flavor.

Buying:   Largemouth Bass is now heavily farmed and is almost always available in the Asian fish markets.

Fillet:   These fish fillet easily with no residual bones.

Yield:   A 1-1/2 pound fish will yield about 12 oz of skin-on filets (50%) or 10 oz skin off (42%).

Skin:   The skin does not shrink at all in frying, but you may want to remove it because of the very delicate flavor of the white flesh.

Stock:   The head, bones and fins make a very mild fish stock suitable for soup.

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