Sunfish Family
Sunfish [family Osmeridae several genera]

This family of freshwater fish is native to North America. Most members are called something else, particularly "bass" and "perch". Some species of Black Bass (genus Micropterus) have been introduced worldwide and are both caught wild and farmed. Japan has been attempting to erradicate Black Bass which have been introduced there, but so far without success.   Illustration of Flier (Centrarchus macropterus) by Duane Raver for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service = public domain.

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Black Bass   -   [Largemouth Bass; Micropterus salmoides   |   Smallmouth Bass; Micropterus dolomieu]
Fresh Fish

These famous fresh water fish, native to North America, are not actually bass at all but a variety of Sunfish. This fish can grow to 38 inches and 22 pounds, but is more commonly around 16 inches. The photo specimen was a 13 inch Largemouth Bass weighing 1-1/2 pounds. Largemouth Bass is now heavily farmed and is not considered threatened, but it can become a pest in non-native waters.   Details and Cooking

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