Crucian Carp
Live Crucian Carp [Carassius carassius]

Native to Europe through Siberia and into China, this highly commercial carp is both farmed and caught wild, Crucians can grow to 25 inches and 6.6 pounds but are more commonly between 1 and 3 pounds. They are found throughout European lakes, streams and rivers, and as far north as Finland. It can be told from the very similar looking Prussian carp by it's more golden color, it's tail is not so deeply forked, and by the thin lining of the body cavity being white, whereas it is black for the Prussian. It also has a more rounded snout than other carp.

The Crucian Carp has an amazing ability to survive for months with almost no oxygen. This is an adaption to allow survival in ponds that are frozen over and covered with snow, ponds predators can't survive in. IUCN Red Listed LC (Least Concern).   Photo by Karlj contributed to the Public Domain.

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Buying:   This fish is very uncommon in North America, while the larger Common Carp is widely available here.

Preparation, Cooking and Serving:   Treatment should be pretty similar to the instructions on our page for the similar, but smaller Prussian Carp. Smaller Crucians are often served whole, particularly in China.

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