Mahi-Mahi Whole Fish   -   [Dolphin, Dolphin-fish, Dorado Coryphaena hippurus]

This large fish is unrelated to the sea mammal also called "Dolphin" so the Hawaiian name Mahi-Mahi is now widely used to avoid confusion. This fish is found in tropical and subtropical seas the world around, including the deep ociean where few other fish venture. They are a short lived fish and are usually caught at about 20 pounds, though they can grow to 90 pounds. The flesh is firm and fine grained, and generally cut into steaks or fillets. It is often used as a kosher substitute for swordfish,   Photo by Jeff Weiss (edited) contributed to the Public Domain.

Buying:   This fish can be found in most markets that have a decent selection of fish, and will always be sold as steaks. It will generally be frozen, and if not, will have been thawed. Better to buy frozen - less urgency to use it.

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