Mullet Family
Gray Mullet [Mullet; Family Mullidae]

Mullets are a fairly large family of salt water fish, They have always been very popular in the Mediterranean area and costal Europe but little used in North America, but they are now very common in the Asian markets here in Southern California. Confusingly, the best know "mullet", the Red Mullet, is not a mullet at all but a Goatfish.


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Gray Mullet   -   [Flathead Mullet, Striped Mullet, Black Mullet; Harder (German, Dutch); Mugil cephalus]
Fresh Fish

Found world wide in coastal waters, this fish can grow to 47 inches and 26 pounds but the photo specimen was 15-1/2 inches, weighing 1 pound 6-1/2 ounces. They are caught wild and farmed and are not considered threatened. They are not common in North American markets except along the Southeast Coast, but are a very important commercial fish in many parts of the world. It is a good eating fish - look for it in Philippine and Southeast Asian fish markets.   Details and Cooking.

South African Mullet   -   [Harder (Afrikaans); Liza richardsonii]
Fresh Hish

This fish is native to costal waters around the southern tip of Africa and off the west coast of Madagascar. It can grow to 18 inches but is more commonly around 12 inches. It was much used by early Dutch settlers in South Africa, but was probably already much used by the natives. It is fished commercially, and IUCN listed as NE (Not Evaluated).   Details and Cooking.   Photo by Frederick Hermanus Van der Bank, University of Johannesburg Contributed to the Public Domain.

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