Plate of Sliced Sweetbreads w/Sauce
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Sweetbreads with Lemon Sauce
  -   Mleczko Cielece w Potrawie
4 main  
1-3/4 hrs  

Mild, tender sweetbreads in flavorful sauces were once popular in North America and Europe, but now appear mostly in fancy restaurants. This recipe is elegant, totally delicious, and not difficult to make.


Sweetbreads (1)
Stock, strong (2)
White Lemon Sauce (3)  
-- Garnish (4)

Prep   (30 to 50 min, depending (includes sauce steps))
  1. Prepare the SWEETBREADS as needed. If their external membrane is still in place, you will have to do at least Step-1 on our Veal Sweetbreads page (parboil, chill and remove membrane).
  2. Start White Lemon Sauce. Do all prep steps so you're ready for the broth, which comes from this recipe.
  3. Prepare Garnishes as desired.
Run   (55 min (includes sauce steps))
  1. Place Sweetbreads in a pan just big enough for them, and pour over enough Stock to just cover. Bring to a boil and turn down to a simmer for about 20 minutes.
  2. Drain Sweetbreads reserving the stock. Slice the Sweetbreads as desired and hold warm.
  3. Measure out 1 cup of the Stock into a sauce pan. Proceed to finish your White Lemon Sauce per that recipe.
  4. Serve hot, garnished as desired
  1. Sweetbreads:   These are generally available in markets serving Turkish, Armenian, Middle Eastern and Latin American communities. For details see our Veal Sweetbreads page.
  2. Stock:   Chicken stock would probably be most used, but Pork stock also works well. Either one should be fairly strong.
  3. White Lemon Sauce: This is a standard Polish sauce served with light flavored meats, such as chicken and fish, but also with omelets. For details see our White Lemon Sauce recipe. For actual service I'd make the sauce a little more liquid than I did for the photo.
  4. Garnishes:   Suggested garnishes are small white mushrooms, with stems cut flush. The pattern recipe calls for them to be simmered, but those in the photo were gently fried in butter. A mix of fresh Flatleaf Parsley and Dill is a common garnish in the region. Polish croutons are a popular garnish and are simple to make. See our Polish Croutons recipe.
  5. U.S. measure: t=teaspoon, T=Tablespoon, c=cup, qt=quart, oz=ounce, #=pound, cl=clove in=inch, ar=as required tt=to taste
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