Swordfish Steaks

[Xiphias gladius]
A large, ferocious predatory fish that uses it's long sharp beak as a weapon to spear prey, which includes even Orcas, and to defend against Maco Sharks, the only predator big enough, fast enough and ferocious enough to take on a swordfish. They grow to 14 feet and over 1000 pounds. Swordfish are not considered an endagered species. Swordfish have scales but not the kind that scrape off, so they are not kosher.

Swordfish flesh is firm and holds together very well during cooking and is generally cut into steaks which are often grilled. Mercury content is a concern and the FDA recommends no more than one serving per week, and 1/4 that for pregnant women. Because swordfish is not kosher, many restaurants serve Mahi-Mahi instead using similar recipes.

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